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Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Ever wonder if yoga was right for you? There are many styles of yoga from gentle restorative yoga to a more rigorous style like hot yoga or aerial yoga. Proving that yoga styles and practices are as unique as we are individually (there is something for everyone) although style may vary, they all still offers just as many physiological benefits. If your thinking about trying yoga or want to add to your wellness routine, then read on for a list of benefits to practicing yoga!

  1. Improved ability to deal with stress in our lives and environments.

  2. Improves posture.

  3. Improves balance.

  4. Improves flexibility and ROM

  5. Improves muscle strength and tone.

  6. Helps to improve quality of sleep.

  7. Natural mood enhancer.

  8. Improved mental clarity and concentration.

  9. Improves self image self worth and self esteem.

  10. Helps to reduce risks of many diseases.

  11. Helps boost immune system.

We offer yoga classes for weekdays and weekends! If your new to yoga, ask to borrow one of our yoga mats!!! Class sizes are limited-book online!

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