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Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy

Who doesn't love a great massage? Yes it's true, massage does "feel" good to the body of the person receiving the bodywork, but the "feel good" is extending beyond the surface of the skin. In this blog we will share the physical benefits of massage therapy on the human body.

  1. Relax the physical body

  2. Calms the nervous system induces the parasympathetic nervous system

  3. Lowers blood pressure

  4. Slows the heart rate

  5. Slows rate of respiration

  6. Increases blood and lymph circulation

  7. Reduces swelling

  8. Stretches connective tissue

  9. Helps to eliminate metabolic waste

  10. Helps to increase flexibility and range of motion (joints)

  11. Reduces/eliminate chronic pain

  12. Stimulate release of endorphins (happy/feel good chemicals)

  13. Reduces cortisol levels (stress)

  14. Helps to boost immune functions

  15. Enhances physical performance

  16. Improve posture

  17. Enhances health and nourishment of the skin

  18. Reduces the accumulation of scar tissue

  19. Promotes better sleep

  20. Speeds recovery time for injuries

Please remember that massage therapy is great for many conditions, however there are contraindications to massage therapy. Always inform your therapist of medical conditions or complications you may have or have experienced-this will ensure massage therapy will help, not hurt your current condition(s).

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